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A sustainable way to maintain a population of healthy stray cats is to ensure that their numbers are controlled. Cats reproduce at a very high rate; a cat can produce a dozen kittens in a year. The stray cat population has grown unchecked over the years, far exceeding the resources available for their survival. To address the overpopulation crisis, The Feline Foundation conducts sterilization program for stray cats. Sterilization is an effect method of animal birth control. The benefits of sterilization for stray cats include Stopping unwanted litters Reducing injuries Decreasing cancer rates Preventing spread of disease Sterilization is a surgical procedure, performed by skilled veterinarians, followed by post-operative care of the stray cats. The Feline Foundations conducts animal Birth Control programs with up to 150 stray cats sterilized every month. The cost for the sterilization of a male cat is Rs 1900 and of a female Rs 2900

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